CleanTech Breakthrough Awards recognized Terra CO2 as the “Decarbonization Solution of the Year!

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Terra Announces Full Concrete Trials of OPUS ZERO™, A Real Zero CO2 Alternative to Portland Cement.

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Terra CO2 and Eagle Materials Announce Exclusive Agreements to Produce Low-Carbon Cementitious Material.

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A fundamentally better way to build

Our core technology is a production process that allows us to convert inexpensive, abundant, and local feedstocks from existing aggregate mines to high-performing and cost-competitive cementitious materials.

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Introducing: OPUS

Whether you’re looking to supplement, blend, or replace Portland cement, Terra CO2 can help decarbonize concrete production.

Our climate-friendly, cost-competitive supplementary cementitious materials and zero carbon cements undergo extensive third-party testing under harsh conditions to independently verify performance.

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Our team

Meet the groundbreaking group of scientists, engineers, and operators working on decarbonizing the built environment.

Our team is led by industry professionals with decades of experience in construction and engineering. Their expertise, combined with their unwavering commitment to the environment, enables us to innovate and deliver groundbreaking solutions for a cleaner, greener world.

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A climate imperative

Concrete is the world’s second-most-used material, next to water. If concrete were a country, it would be the third largest CO2 emitter in the world. The production of cement, a key component of concrete, is responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions annually.

The corresponding CO2 and NOx emissions make supplementing and eventually replacing Portland cement a climate imperative.