Mining waste poses major economic and environmental problems to society.

Terra is developing new mineral technologies that allow safe, permanent tailings disposal and valuable decentralized cement production. 

Key Innovations

Sustainable geopolymer cement made from mine tailings. 

A high-quality cement with a diverse range of mineral feedstocks. Patent-pending. 

ARD-CO2 Process

Our patented process treats and prevents acid rock drainage in a combined CO2 sequestration and tailings encapsulation approach.



There is an urgent need for Innovation in Mine Waste Treatment

We are making sustainable practices profitable for the mining industry by recovering hidden value from mineral waste. 

Our vision is that a proportion of waste from mining will soon be harvested as a resource - perhaps more importantly, pollution will be passively and permanently prevented.


Our Story

A big idea struck Strategic Metals' president Doug Eaton as he drove past Yukon's Faro mine site in 2012.


Faro, YT

Mine cleanup costs will exceed $1 Billion


Inspired, Eaton called Professor Lee Groat, head of the Mineralogical Research Group at The University of British Columbia:  

Could we use CO2 emissions to prevent tailings from polluting? Doug asked.

This question led our team on a five-year adventure into advanced mineral synthesis experiments, patent applications, and eventually propelled us to the semi-finals of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPrize. 

Currently, we are scaling a proprietary process to make high-quality geopolymer cement from mine tailings.





DJ Lake

Leading research and business strategy, DJ has been involved with several generations of prototyping, testing, and analysis for Terra since 2015 - he is also pursuing a PhD in mineralogy at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.


Doug Eaton

Doug has over 45 years’ experience in the mineral exploration and mining industry and has been a director or officer of numerous public companies since 1986. He is also president of Strategic Metals Ltd.


dr. lee groat

Dr. Groat is a mineralogy professor and director of Integrated Sciences at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. He is an elected fellow of the American Mineralogical Society and past president of the Mineralogical Association of Canada.


dylan Jones

Dylan continues to contribute to the growth of Terra and other innovative Vancouver startups, most recently Coast Protein. Dylan has an MBA in sustainability programming and startup operations.


julian Ritchie

Julian has been instrumental in developing process design and creating solutions to chemical engineering challenges.




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