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Terra CO2 is the industry leader in engineered alternatives to Portland cement.

Ready-to-deploy, low-carbon,

Our supplementary cementitious materials and real zero cement are designed to be scalable to meet the immense demand, finally making decarbonized concrete a viable, affordable alternative for our industry.

Cement for Humanity™

Terra CO2’s products are poised to address the CO2 emissions in the cement industry through our game-changing technology.

Every ton of Portland cement replaced by OPUS SCM achieves a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 90% NOx.

OPUS ZEROTM replaces 100% of Portland cement, eliminating the culprit of concrete’s climate problem.


We call our products “OPUS” as a nod to the chemical similarities of our material and the cement used in Roman concrete, some of which has lasted for thousands of years.

Terra’s OPUS cementitious material is an engineered product made with abundant, inexpensive, climate-friendly silicate rock feedstock. Today, it replaces cement with cost-competitive supplementary cementitious materials. Soon, OPUS will serve as a full alternative cement replacement that achieves performance parity in their respective categories.

OPUS products are precisely engineered and can be manufactured locally in large quantities, minimizing transportation costs, and allowing reliable supply with strict quality control.


Opus-SCM-Badge_withBorderOPUS SCMTM

OPUS Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) can offset the use of up to 25% of Portland cement in most common concrete mix designs.

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Opus-Zero-Badge_withBorder 1Next Gen: OPUS ZEROTM

OPUS ZERO is a total replacement for clinker leading to real zero CO2. It is an advanced cement based on proven inorganic polymer chemistry. A game changer in concrete decarbonization.


A Real Zero Solution for Cement

Terra’s mission is to revolutionize cement production and decarbonize concrete, aiming for zero clinker and, ultimately, zero CO2 emissions. Enter OPUS ZERO – a game-changer for the ready mix industry.

OPUS ZERO is a complete substitute for Portland cement in ready mix concrete. Without relying on carbon capture technologies, OPUS ZERO reaches zero CO2 emissions when manufactured using renewable energy.

Powered by advanced inorganic polymer chemistry, OPUS ZERO is an advanced cement with ZERO clinker content. It delivers reliable performance using the same abundant feedstocks, reagent, and APF plants as OPUS SCM, our industry-approved first product.

The demand for innovative products like OPUS ZERO is met by existing standards such as ACI 318. Terra rigorously evaluates OPUS ZERO with testing across diverse concrete trial applications, gearing up for commercial deployment soon.

OPUS ZERO is designed to meet industry standards such as ACI 318. Terra is thoroughly testing OPUS ZERO in a variety of concrete trial applications, preparing it for commercial deployment in the near future.

Get ready to embrace the future with OPUS ZERO.


Rigorously tested for high-performance

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