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Terra CO2 emerging as the industry leader in engineered supplementary cementitious materials.

Ready-to-deploy, low-carbon,

Our supplementary and alternative cementitious materials scale to meet the immense demand, finally making decarbonized concrete a viable, affordable alternative for our industry.

Cement for Humanity™

Terra CO2 products are poised to address the CO2 emissions in the cement industry through our game-changing technology.

For every ton of Portland cement replaced by a Terra product, a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions and 90% NOx reduction is achieved.


We call our products “OPUS” as a nod to the chemical similarities of our material and the cement used in Roman concrete, some of which has lasted for thousands of years.

Terra’s OPUS cementitious material is an engineered product made with abundant, inexpensive, climate-friendly feedstock. We replace cement with cost-competitive supplementary and alternative cementitious materials that achieve performance parity in their respective categories.

Unlike existing SCMs, OPUS products are precisely engineered and can be manufactured locally in large quantities, minimizing transportation costs, and allowing reliable supply with strict quality control.


Opus-SCM-Badge_withBorderOPUS SCM TM

OPUS Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) can offset the use of up to 25% of Portland cement in most common concrete mix designs.

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Opus-SCM+_Badge_withBorderOPUS SCM+ TM

OPUS Supplementary Cementitious Material Plus (SCM+) directly replaces up to 40% of Portland cement in most common concrete mix designs. With appropriate mix design including admixtures, there is no compromise in properties and the mixes can be made cost competitive.

Product Sheet

Opus-ACM-Badge_withBorderNext Gen: OPUS ACM TM

OPUS Alternative Cementitious Material (ACM) is our FUTURE 100% replacement for Portland Cement. A game changer in concrete decarbonization.



A complete solution to decarbonizing concrete

An established and easy way to improve the environmental impact — without sacrificing performance — of concrete is to replace part of its cement content with a Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) that has a lower CO2 and NOx footprint than Portland cement. This is exactly what our OPUS SCM does and being locally manufactured from abundant materials, it can fill the fly ash void.

Our second product, Opus SCM+, will allow higher replacement levels (up to 45%), and our future Opus ACM, will be providing a full replacement for Portland cement.

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