Our Science Leads the Charge

The Terra CO2 Team Envisions the Future of the Cement Industry

The Terra CO2 Team

  • Matt Budai

    Technologist and EIT
  • Josh Davies, Ph.D.

    Chemistry Lead (R&D)
  • Jon Groves

    Senior Operations Manager
  • John Guillen

    Geologist/Lead Pilot Plant Operator
  • Ian Hensler, B.Sc.

    Lead Concrete Materials Engineer
  • Cameron Hill

    Operations Manager
  • Dylan Huber

    R&D Lab Specialist
  • D.J. Lake, M.Sc.

    Founder & VP of Research and Development
  • Daniel Logan, Ph.D.

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Evelien Martens, Ph.D.

    Senior Research Scientist
  • Eliar Mosaferi, Ph.D.

    Process Chemist (R&D)
  • Nigel Noah

    R&D Lab Specialist
  • Madhuvandhi Ravi, M.A.Sc.

    Cementitious Materials Engineer
  • Deepak Ravikumar, Ph.D.

    Lead Scientist of Research & Development
  • Isaac Smeltzer

    Vice President of Finance & Corporate Development
  • Bill Yearsley, Ph.D.

    President and Chief Executive Officer

Advisory Board

  • Jane Everhart

    President & CFO, Brinkman Real Estate
  • Lee Groat, Ph.D.

    Professor, The University of British Columbia
  • Brian Mayers, Ph.D.

    Company Builder, Investor at Breakthrough Energy Ventures
  • Randel Mercer

    CTO, Coorstek
  • Pat Walker

    Retired CEO, Martin Marietta Materials Western Division
  • Eric West

    President, WesTest

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