Geopolymer Tailings Cement

Mine waste makes up more than 90% of the material in this geopolymer concrete block.

Mine waste makes up more than 90% of the material in this geopolymer concrete block.


Don't ship cement.

Shipping costs double cement price at mines.  

Our patent-pending process turns mine waste already on site into a valuable and effective geopolymer cement for use in cemented backfill and beyond.




What is Geopolymer Cement?

Geopolymer cement is an inorganic binding material made up of covalently bonded chains or networks - much like natural minerals.


What is Tailings Geopolymer Cement?

Inspired by natural mineral formation processes, we have developed a method of using diverse mine tailings materials as feedstocks for producing a geopolymer binder. Site-specific testing is required, but a majority of existing sites have suitable tailings for geopolymer binder production. 

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Is Geopolymer Cement Effective?

Geopolymer cement surpasses existing cement technologies in many important ways: early strength, compressive strength, chemical resistance, longevity, and significant CO2 footprint reduction.


Why aren't Geopolymer Cements already used widely?

Geopolymer cements are a relatively new invention - only invented from a scientific perspective in the 1970's, though their practical use stretches through antiquity. 

A major hindrance to adoption in the past was an incomplete understanding of the mechanisms that cause geopolymer cements to set.

Today, progressive jurisdictions are increasingly permitting the use of geopolymer concretes for important infrastructure such as tunnels, airports, buildings, and roads. 

The world is ready for geopolymer technology!