A Climate in Crisis

An Innovator Emerges

Terra CO2 products are poised to disrupt the cycle of CO2 pollution in the cement industry and bring game-changing technology to the costly carbon emissions problem. The Terra plant is capable of producing SCM, BCM, and ACM products.

Cost-Competitive Products

Terra recognized early on in their product development phase that many sustainable green technologies never successfully commercialize because the technology is not cost competitive and/or not scalable. The entire Terra team focuses on cost competitiveness in every phase of product development.

Across our cementitious and mine stabilization products, Terra possesses a distinct advantage driven by capex efficiency and the removal of redundant and unsustainable direct costs. We are an industrial technology company with the ability to materially improve CAPEX, OPEX, and ESG budgets through a phased, scientifically proven, and vetted approach. This should turn heads across cement, ready mix, concrete, and mining – driving better margins, but more importantly, creating a better world for future generations.

Isaac Smeltzer, VP of Finance & Corporate Development

OPUS Cementitious Product Suite

OPUS Supplementary Cementitious Material, “OPUS SCM”, is a locally manufactured, engineered substitute for fly ash. Due to the conversion of coal-fired plants to gas-fired plants and the use of low-quality coal, traditional, quality fly ash sources are in decreasing supply. Pursuing the opportunity to expand the use of SCM in concrete resulting in higher SCM percentage and furthering CO2 reduction, Terra’s OPUS SCM is poised to address significant economic, performance, and environmental needs.

Mine Tailings Stabilization

Terra continues to pursue opportunities in the private and public sectors related to mine tailings stabilization.

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