Mineral Moonshots

We believe it is possible to make mineral binders 10x better through advances in applied mineralogy.

Cement Production

~4% of global CO2 emissions are unavoidable if we continue to make cement based on limestone.

Can we make better cement from different materials?


Mine Waste Storage

Thousands of tailings dams in current operation must be maintained indefinitely to avoid failure.

Can geopolymer stabilization enable a better, safer alternative to tailings dams that require no long-term maintenance?

Our Mission

To use technology to unlock the potential of minerals, so that we can make the future of cement more effective, affordable, and sustainable.

What We Do

Terra CO2 is a private Canadian research and development company leading the charge toward the future of sustainable mineral binders.

We develop and demonstrate world-leading geopolymer production technology at our new lab in North Vancouver, and we are commercializing these breakthroughs through industry and academic partnerships.

Our Story

Terra CO2 was founded in 2012 by Doug Eaton, president of Strategic Metals, and Professor Lee Groat, head of the Mineralogical Research Group at The University of British Columbia. Research began with the ambitious double goal of capturing CO2 emissions and preventing mine tailings from polluting. This challenge led the team on a five-year adventure into advanced mineral synthesis experiments, patents, and eventually propelled us to the semi-finals of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPrize.

In 2018, we invented a low-CO2 process of stabilizing acid-generating mine tailings by converting mine waste to geopolymer cement reagents. It turns out there are many advantages of turning common minerals into cementitious materials, and we are expanding our efforts beyond mining; significant opportunities for improvement exist in the cement industry.

Although these applications may appear diverse, the core technology of producing binders from local waste rocks/minerals is quite similar in both construction and tailings stabilization applications.

Our History







  • Opened our geopolymer and SCM research laboratory

  • Short-listed as a semi-finalist for the NRCan Clean Growth Program

  • Selected as 1 of 10 companies to compete in the Second Annual Mining Cleantech Challenge

  • Named one of the 50 BC innovations to watch by Business in Vancouver

  • Selected as a semi-finalist for the NRG COSIA Carbon XPrize

  • Profiled by the Vancouver Sun for our groundbreaking proof-of-concept work

  • Terra CO2 is founded by Doug Eaton and Dr. Lee Groat