Based out of Vancouver British Columbia, Terra CO2 Technologies Ltd., (Terra) is a private Canadian company currently undergoing research and development in the innovative cleantech sector.

Terra is developing processes and equipment to address two major environmental problems: excess atmospheric CO2 and acid rock drainage (ARD). Terra’s technology is focusing on conversion and long-term storage of CO2 by reacting it with metal sulphide minerals to produce stable metal carbonate compounds and saleable sulphur by-products.

Terra is conducting advanced bench-top research that is testing the patented process to further prove its economic and environmental viability. Terra expects to construct a pilot plant by July 2017.

Acid Rock Drainage (ARD)

By converting reactive mine wastes to stable compounds, Terra’s technology can reduce or eliminate ARD runoff from mine operations. Terra’s preliminary target is the Canadian mining industry, but scaling globally to target multiple industries is a core goal.


Terra's technology reacts CO2 gas with metal sulphides to precipitate stable metal carbonates, thereby sequestering CO2 and neutralizing ARD potential.



Dylan Jones, MBA CEO

Dylan Jones has a BA in environmental studies and an MBA in sustainability programming and start-up operations. He is connected throughout the Vancouver area in several environmental and sustainability networks that will be of assistance to furthering the technology to a commercial level.

Doug Eaton President and Director

Doug has over 45 years’ experience in the mineral exploration and mining industry and has been a director or officer of various public companies since 1986. He is the principal partner and president of Archer, Cathro & Associates and the president and CEO of Strategic Metals Ltd. He has exceptional knowledge of Yukon geology and has contributed to several important discoveries.

Independent Directors

Lee Groat, Ph.D

Lee is a UBC professor and past-president of the Mineralogical Association of Canada and Director of Integrated Sciences program at UBC. He has overseen the initial years of research and guided lead researchers in their protocols and needs to find solutions to a bevy of constantly arising problems.

Research Team

D.J. Lake Business Development and Research

D.J. has researched and developed electrochemical processes for CO2 conversion since early 2015. Involved in several generations of prototyping, testing, and analysis at UBC, D.J. is conducting research for Terra CO2 while completing his MSc. in Geological Science.

Julian Ritchie Process Engineer

Julian Ritchie is an EIT with experience in various industries designing experiments and processes. His skill in providing detailed technical schematics and component procurement will assist in accelerating Terra’s R&D through all phases of research.

Andrew Carne Project Engineer

Andrew graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelors of Materials Engineering and a Masters of Civil Engineering. Since graduating he has worked in the mineral exploration and mining consulting field, managing projects and overseeing metallurgical studies. He has been working with Strategic Metals and Terra CO2 Technologies to develop and advance the mineral carbonation ARD treatment and CO2 sequestration technology since its invention in 2012.


Terra CO2 Technologies Ltd. is a private company registered in the Province of British Columbia. It is wholly owned and financially supported by Strategic Metals Ltd; a public company is traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange as SMD.V. Terra receives the majority of its funding from Strategic alone with subsidies from BCIC and the NRC. The share structure has not yet been established and therefore no warrants or options are outstanding.

Media Kit

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